The whole late vs. never conundrum

Dear, dear Feastlings,
Do you picture me running down the street with papers flying out of my satchel behind me? Because that’s how I usually feel. Today especially. Frantic as it is for me personally, however, I’m blessed to work with a crew of remarkable people who had both the Ferragosto menu and the new weekly request menuĀ well in hand even as I walked in the door at 11:01 this morning. So first of all, thank you, everyone who works at Feast. You’re a remarkable bunch of people. Once, long ago, I was honored by the fact that Megan compared me to a can of sprayfoam insulation, in that I sort of filled in all the cracks at Feast. I’m still honored to this day, but I feel today more like it’s the opposite: I come in and create a bunch of cracks and the remarkable people of Feast come in and fill them all in. It’s a fine line between running an atelier and just leaving an explosion of ideas and junk for everyone to scramble behind, sort out and cobble into cohesion.

That said, however it got accomplished, you should know from clicking on the links above that we’ve prepared a menu of Italian specialties today for you, and we’re doubling down by offering discounts on each and every bottle of wine that hails from Italy today. You should also have discovered that this week’s request menu offers up one of the dishes that brings everyone in (the mashed potato tacos) and one of the dishes that I think SHOULD bring everyone in (chilled salad of spaghetti squash, with lemon zest, chives, mint and pistachios,) plus that stuffed saddle of rabbit (angry rabbit guy, I know I’ve taken you off the email list but I know you’ll write me a furious email about how morally wrong it is to serve rabbit, and we’ll simply have to agree to disagree,) the date plate and the other dish that will bring everyone in: the Exploradora. If you don’t know what any of that stuff is, just click on the link above. I’ll also toss out the link for this Saturday’s wine tasting because that’s still happening and it’s not full yet, though it’s getting there.

Come today, come on Saturday, come when it’s right for you, but now, at least, you’ll know what awaits.

Belatedly yours,

Doug, but really the entire crew at Feast

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