A welcome respite

Dear Feastlings,
Who among us Tucsonans isn’t grateful for an 82-degree morning, and a sky carpeted with thick grey clouds? It’s finally feeling this morning like summer has taken a sharp right turn, and there are other harbingers of better times as well. For instance, it’s new menu day here at Feast. That in and of itself doesn’t mean fall is around the corner- we’ve been changing the menu each month for over eighteen years now- but there are only four more weeks of the summer request menu, and that means there are only a few weeks until Labor comes, when you theoretically have to stop wearing white and the menus of your requests are tucked away for another season.
While we know there’ll still be hundred-degree days on our calendar, we’re starting to tell ourselves that little notes of autumn are okay for the menu here. Case in point: sweet potato gnocchi with braised pork, Swiss chard and house-made ricotta, with mustard streusel and a bitter cherry glaze. Or a hanger steak with tomato-IPA butter and zucchini-wrapped spoonbread. You can see the whole menu here.

But just because the menu’s changing today doesn’t mean you can’t still grab yourself a lobster bread pudding for two more days, as the weekly request menu won’t change until Thursday. that one still looks like this.

Also, as promised, a menu for Ferragosto, which we celebrate on Thursday, August 15, with a menu of Italian specialties all day long, and every Italian wine on our list at retail pricing, $12 less than our already very fair pricing, at least on full bottles. You can get $24 off a magnum, or $6 off a half bottle as well. Here’s a link to that little treat.

I’d also point out that we know the end of summer is on the horizon because Amy Bennett, our catering director, is suddenly markedly less bored. Her phone is already ringing for fall and holiday events, so if you’ve been thinking about having a shindig, now is the time to get on her calendar, before it fills up. Her direct line is 326-8383, and her email is catering@eatatfeast.com.
Really, the only one of us who’s living in the present right now is Kevin, whose tasting this Saturday still proudly proclaims it’s summertime: It’s all Rosé this weekend, the consummate summertime wine. Here are the details on that one.

Thanks, everyone, and congratulations on having read this far. We hope to see you soon, whether you’re acting like it’s already autumn or whether your feet are still firmly planted in summer. See you in a bit.

Your friends at Feast

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