Summer seen through Rosé colored glasses

Dear Rosy Feastlings,

If there’s any suggestion Kevin might make to you, it’s to leave a shelf in the refrigerator dedicated to Rosé storage in the summer months.  And if there’s a second suggestion he might make, it’s to make most of them Provençal.  They’re assertive, they’re herbal, and Provence is hands-down the Rosé-producingest region in the world.  He’s thrown a domestic pink into this week’s tasting for good measure, but it’ll be a good comparison point, as it’s made with the same varietals as the rest.  Want to come drink pink?  The tasting is at 2:00 this Saturday, August 10, and you’ll want to make a reservation without question.  Web and email reservations are ineffective, so you’ll need to call us at 326-9363, and we’ll hold a spot for you.  Come join us.  It’ll be a hoot.

Summer seen through Rosé colored glasses

2017 Le Charmel Rosé, Côtes de Provence

2016 L’Acoté Rosé, Côteaux Varois en Provence

2016 Commmanderie de Peyrassol Rosé, Côtes de Provence

2018 Lorenza Rosé, California

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