Hello, Feastlings,

Each August 15th, Italians celebrate Ferragosto, the feast of the Assumption, much the way that we celebrate Easter here.  That is, even though it’s a religious holiday, it’s largely non-sectarian and an excuse to go on vacation since most of Italy finds itself hot and sticky.  It’s hot and sticky here, too, but in the event you haven’t set aside the air fare to San Remo so you can relax on the beach with tens of thousands of other tourists, we’re doing something special too: we’re making a bunch of traditional Italian food, and knocking the customarily built-in corkage off all the Italian wines on our list.  Com join us.  This special menu will be offered from open to close on Thursday, August 15th.  It promises to be a good time.




Butter-roasted oyster mushroom risotto with fresh basil and oil-cured olives.  Parmesan and extra virgin olive oil.

Carpaccio of beef tenderloin with capers, arugula, parmesan and aioli.

Pappardelle alla Bolognese~  House-made pappardelle pasta with a ragú of ground beef, tomatoes and aromatic vegetables.

Osso Buco alla Milanese~ braised veal shank, served over saffron risotto with gremolata and sautéed green beans. §§

Tiramisú~ classic dessert of coffee-soaked lady finger cookies with mascarpone and shaved chocolate.

No corkage on any Italian wines on the list.

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