Hey, Boo Boo- let’s pack a pic-a-nic!

Dear Feastlings,

With this latest splash of gorgeous weather, Kevin’s decided to serve up his annual selection of picnic wines for you to taste this Saturday, May 25, at 2:00.  The tasting is the customary $12.50 plus tax and tip, and the wines- a white, a pink and two reds- are begging to be served al fresco at your next picnic, be it spread out on the grass or on your best patio furniture.  France, Oregon, California and Italy will all be represented, and fun will be had by all- it’s essentially a given.  You’ll need a reservation, which again can’t be had by web or email, so if you plan on stopping in, you’ll need to call us at 326-9363.  Though we must admit: the tasting will be indoors.

Hey, Boo Boo- let’s pack a pic-a-nic!

2018 Ovum Wines Deep Water “Big Salt” White, Oregon

2017 La Cave du Paradis “Forty Ounce” Rosé, France

2017 Lenotti Bardolino Classico, Bardolino

2014 Dashe Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley

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