Trust your importer: José Pastor Selections

Hello, Feastlings.

By now you’re well aware that we can’t emphasize enough that just as each producer has its own style and character, and just as each wine list or wine shop has its own style and character, it happens that each importer does as well, and so it behooves us all to learn a little something about an importer so that when we pick up that bottle in a shop- the one with the cute label that we’ve never seen before?- we’re not relying on blind faith to make the decision for us as to whether we take the risk and buy that mystery bottle.  With any luck, the back label will tell us something that the front label doesn’t.  In the interest of furthering  our knowledge and understanding, we’ll taste four wines brought in by José Pastor Selections.  That should be enough to get a relationship going and make us comfy the next time we pick up a Pastor-imported bottle when we need something for that dinner party.  You know the drill by now: the tasting is Saturday, April 6, at 2:00 pm, you’ll need a reservation, and you’ll need to make it the old-fashioned way.  Our phone number is 326-9363 and web and email reservations sadly will not guarantee a seat for you at the tasting.  So give a jingle and we’ll see you soon to taste some lovely Iberian wines.


Trust your importer: José Pastor Selections


2017 4 Monos Viticultores “GR-10” Garnacha-based red blend, Vinos de Madrid

2017 Gutiérrez de la Vega “Viña Ulises” (Giró/Monastrell,) VdP Alicante

2015 Chão Rijo Tinto (Castelão/Tinta Roriz,) Vinho Regional Lisboa

2017 Alfredo Maestro Tejero Viña Almate (Tempranillo,)  VdT Castilla y León

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