Iberian bookends.

Dear Feastlings,

We’re kicking this week off with a menu of Spanish treats to honor the Summer Solstice, celebrating the bonfires of San Juan today with this little menu of tapas and a close approximation of paella

(purists and nitpickers, you’re forewarned that in the interest of not buying a boatload of paelleras and charging you a correspondingly outrageous price and making you wait 30-40 extra minutes for your soccarat, you’ll be getting an Americanized version without that crispy crust underneath it all. Apologies in advance to anyone who’ll want to come in to explain the virtues of soccarat- you don’t get to, because of this preemptive strike.)

and a flan for afterward.

Las Hogueras de San Juan

We’ll all recover tomorrow, but for the brave bunch of you who attend tomorrow’s private-but-not-all-that-private wine tasting (with food pairings) with the Tucson chapter of the American Wine Society. We’ve essentially sold that one out, but you’re welcome to put your name on a waiting list if it’s of interest to you.


Then even the bold and brave will have a couple of days to recover in order to join us one more time on Saturday for our end-of-the-month tasting, a Portuguese extravaganza with importer Stephen Ott, again with food pairings.

Trust your (local) importer- Nossa

Then, assuming there’s enough in our karma jar, I’ll have finished writing the July menu in the next day or two, we’ll get in all the ingredients we need for it, and we’ll have it prepped by the first Tuesday of July, i.e. July 2nd.

Cross your dedos for us, and gracias por todo el apoyo.


Your pals at Feast

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