Trust your (local) importer- Nossa

Dear Feastlings,

Every now and again, we offer a tasting in which the wines are purposely obscure, not so much to get you off the beaten path as to get you into the back door.  That is, you may not recognize the winery, or even the wine- ever had a sparkling Rosé of Baga before?- but if you turn the bottle around, you’ll see a name you trust: in this case, it’s Nossa.  A husband and wife team who live here in Tucson make their living bringing us amazing wines, and the odd cider, from two places: Mexico, some of which we’ve already tasted with you, and Portugal.  And these Portuguese treats are mostly new to us, so we’re imagining they’ll be mostly new to you as well.  And when owner/partner/husband/all-around-good-and-extremely-knowledgeable-guy Stephen Ott joins us on Saturday, you’ll learn about some varietals you likely don’t know yet, some wineries you likely don’t know yet, and some facts you likely don’t know yet.  Add to it the fact that we’ll be serving generous pours and food paired with each wine, and you’ll be glad you joined us.

The tasting happens this Saturday, June 29, at 2:00 pm, and costs $45 plus tax and tip.  The wines are a step or three above what we mostly taste on Saturdays, there’s twice as much of them to taste, and there’s a snack especially built to get along nicely with each wine.  Plus Stephen is a veritable fonte of information.  You can reserve your seat at (520) 326-9363- we’d love to have you here with us.


Trust your importer- Nossa


You can see the tasting order, pricing and food pairings here.


NV Prior Lucas Espumante Bruto Rosé (Baga,) Bairrada DOC

2022 Adega Mayor “Do Comendador” Reserva (Antão Vaz, Verdelho, Viognier,) IG Alentejano

2020 Dona Graça Viosinho Reserva, Douro DOC

2016 Quinta Do Pinto “Grande Escohla” (Touriga Nacional, Petit Verdot, Merlot,) Vinho Regional Lisboa

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