Las Hogueras de San Juan

Dear Feastlings,

While beaches in Spain will be flickering in the night with bonfires dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, what they’ll be ultimately be celebrating is the Summer Solstice.  While the solstice truly happens on the 20th, we’ll be celebrating a scant five days later so we can have the weekend to get a bunch of Spanish dishes put together for you.  Join us on the 25th, though, and you’ll be awash in choices for Spanish treats, seen through the Feast lens.  You’ll also get any bottle of Spanish wine at retail price, a savings of $15 from the normal wine list price.  Curious to know what we’ll be serving?  Here’s a preview:


The Bonfires of San Juan: summer solstice specials at Feast



Faves a la Catalana~ fava beans with onions, bacon and house-made botifarra negra. ◊

Calamares a la parilla ~ skewers of squid, green onions and peppers with Romesco sauce.

Migas ~ garlicky fried bread with chorizo, onions, and bacon.

Croquetas de bacalao~ salt cod and potato fritters with garlic aioli.

Salmorejo~ chilled tomato-bread soup with olive oil and Sherry vinegar.  Garnished with hard-boiled eggs and ham.
cup 7   bowl 12

Or, for vegetarians, garnished with toasted hazelnuts. 
cup 6.5   bowl 10

Paella~ classic saffron rice with lobster, shrimp, clams, scallops, and mussels with Spanish chorizo and vegetables. ◊

Flan~  caramel custard with burnt orange and vanilla bean. ◊


No corkage on any Spanish wines on the list.

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