Dear Feastlings,

What with the summer upon us, we’re still doing events, but they’re a bit more sparsely attended.  People with any sense and some savings squirreled away are leaving town to relax in mere double-digit weather.  We do, often as not, host private tastings and dinners as well, but with so many people out of town, the good people of the American Wine Society have agreed to let me mention their tasting to those of you who aren’t already members.  They’ve already got a number of their membership coming, but we’re left with a few open seats, so if you’re interested, you should check out their Facebook page.


and know that the menu looks like this (note: these dishes are tasting portions- this is a tasting, not a dinner.)

The cost for AWS members is $50, which includes tax and tip, and you’ll get a discount on the wines.  You can contact them through their Facebook page.  (Please note this as well: you need to book your seat at the tasting through the AWS, not through Feast.  Contact them at


Branzino cooked on the plate with sizzling garlic oil, celery seed and dill seed. Served over grapefruit-thyme potato purée.
2022 Tenuta Rapitalá “Viviri” Grillo, Sicilia DOC

Cherry-violet duck breast with potato crisps and radishes.
2022 Cantine Povero “Contrada Maestra”
Barbera d’Asti DOCG

Pork ragú over pappardelle with tomatoes,cacao nibs and plums.
2019 Val delle Rose Morellino di Scansano, Maremma DOCG

Brown sugar-walnut ice cream with golden raisins and Maldon sea salt.
2017 Cantine Florio “Vecchioflorio”
Marsala Secca Superiore DOC



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