(Un)lucky guess.

Dear Feastlings,

The restaurant business, for those of you who’ve not had the pleasure of working in it, involves no small amount of guesswork. We guess at how long each guest will linger, and whether we’ll sell that Cabernet Sauvignon that we bought despite our better judgement, and these days, we even guess whether a new staff member will show up on day two or three.

Perhaps the dicier guess we make each day, though, is what to order. As it turns out, we don’t know what you’ll order, so we take a stab at it, and while it’s an educated guess, it’s a guess nonetheless. So while yesterday, or really the day before yesterday, was supposed to be the cutoff for ordering goose for Christmas pickup, our educated guess was- let’s call it generous. We based it on last year’s numbers, and with all manner of bird flu hurting poultry availability several months ago, we thought it best to order heavy. So I’m officially lifting the deadline and opening up the floodgates of Christmas goose, as we’ll undoubtedly have a surplus. Mercifully, we have a cryovac machine here, and a freezer, but there’s essentially a flock of them coming in and we’re happy to open up the ordering to all comers at this point. And even so, you’re still likely to see a return of the dish we used to make called “duck, duck, goose,” two preparations of duck and one of goose alongside them. Or some other iteration of this tasty bird.

But here’s a link, yet again, to the Christmas Eve carryout menu,

Christmas carryout at Feast

and as long we’re at it, the small but mighty Hanukkah menu, as today’s the last day to order your Festival of Lights carryout meal as well.

Only one of eight

Meanwhile, for those of you who plan a bit further ahead, here’s a link to the New Year’s Eve menu as well:

New Year’s Eve at Feast

We look forward to hearing from you, particularly those of you who’ve decided at the last minute to order enough goose for eight or ten people. Thanks, everyone.

Your buddy,


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