All of the things. Or many of them, anyway.

Dear Feastlings,

As two of our number return to the kitchen this week, a new one in the dining room is sidelined with Covid- it’s Cory, who runs the wine shop, and even though he and I write the wine list together, he indisputably does all the heavy lifting, both literally and figuratively. So if you’re here this week with wine questions or needs, I’m here all week, but I’ll be in rather deeper than I usually am, so I thank you in advance for your patience. I’m just glad the staff is gradually returning to the kitchen so I’m not trying to be in all places at all times, pleasing all people. Or trying to.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a passel of things to tell you all about. First, tomorrow’s your last day to jump on the Christmas goose bandwagon, and Sunday will be the last day to order any of the other Christmas goodies on our list for pickup on Christmas Eve.

Christmas carryout at Feast

And while the Hanukkah menu has alternately laid dormant and been full force over the years, we’ve had enough people want latkes to put together a modest menu for you, even though interest in Hanukkah food has been even more intermittent than our offerings.

Only one of eight

That’ll need to be ordered in the next couple of days as well. While we’re working on that, we’re also going to be putting together a special menu for New Year’s Eve, which, while we have no intention of sticking around the dining room here to watch the ball drop, we do take seriously enough to make a special menu, both a prix fixe treat and a selection of a la carte offerings.

New Year’s Eve at Feast

That will happen as we continue to offer our weekly wine tasting

That delicious peninsula

and plan for the benefit dinner in conjunction with the Rogue Theatre’s production of Babette’s Feast

Standing room only

(the first dinner is sold out and there are four seats remaining for the second one) and much, much more, which you’ll see eventually- a new menu in January, a return to opening for both lunch and dinner on Sundays, and our long-stymied donation runs of food to people who really need it, as our staff stitches itself back together. But I’ll send you more on that later. Meanwhile, just know we’re grateful for you, both those of us who are here today and those who have yet to return.

Thank you all.


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