An ounce of prevention

Dear Feastlings,

Rather than offering up a belated pound of cure, here’s an ounce of prevention. For those of you who picked up Christmas carryout today managed to leave without a copy of the heating instructions, I offer a link:

And for all of you, those who picked up and those who didn’t, those who dropped in for dinner or a gift certificate or a bottle of wine, for those of you who graciously left a little something for the crew here, or helped us donate food to over ten thousand people over this past dark ever-stretching stretch, here’s a pause in the middle of our day for all of us at Feast to collectively thank you. Thank you for your continued support and kindness, for your patience when we’re short-handed or when someone forgot to sprinkle pumpkin seeds on a dish that promised them, for knowing our names and treating us like family, and for reminding us daily that we live in a community of good and caring people who want the best for everyone else in that community. We’re lucky, we know it, and we appreciate the lot of you, collectively and individually. Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, or even if you’re strictly celebrating making it through the season, we hope your celebration is every bit as lovely as you deserve, which is perfection. Stay well, everyone.


Everybody at Feast

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