This is your moment. And tomorrow, you won’t have one.

Dear Feastlings,

In 2004, we started making Thanksgiving carryout, and for eighteen years, you’ve been able to call us and order part or all of your Thanksgiving meal from us all the way through the Sunday before. We’ve made a lot of progress since then- I used to have to drag myself into Feast at two in the morning to take turkeys out of our two wee ovens and put new ones in, and now it feels like we’re awash in oven space, so I’m grateful for that. We’ve had setbacks as well, though, and this year, for the first year since we opened, we find ourselves with not enough staff to be open on Sundays, so this today, my friends, is the day. Since we started doing this, we’ve always had a Sunday cutoff, and invariably there are six or seven poor souls calling us on Tuesday to say couldn’t we make just one more pumpkin pie or another pint of gravy, and we often have enough to cover it. But just as often we don’t, particularly for that sixth or seventh person.

So I’m telling you now: as of the moment I’m writing this, you have maybe seven and a half hours left to order, and bear in mind that it’s a Saturday night in a restaurant that I’m hoping will be busy this evening, so if you don’t want to be frustrated on Tuesday, call today, and if you don’t want to be frustrated tonight that we need to call back after the dinner rush, I suggest this minute making that last-minute call. The number is (520) 326-9363, and the menu, for your convenience, is here:

Thanksgiving menu

You’re also welcome to call to make your reservation for our wine dinner with Dale and Stephen Ott of Nossa Imports on December 7th,

Trust your importer: Nossa Imports

or an extremely last-minute reservation for today’s wine tasting, a scant half hour from now.

Thanks in advance, again.

You won’t, however, be able to make a reservation for the Babette’s Feast benefit for the Rogue Theatre on January 15th, as it’s sold out, but you can still make one for the encore dinner on the 22nd. You can’t make it with us, though- you’ll need to follow the link in this little description of the event and do it online, through the Rogue’s ticketing site.

Standing room only

We look forward to hearing from you, sooner than later, and we’ll all be happy.

Your pal,


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