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Dear Feastlings,

Since this week’s wine tasting is essentially a continuation of last week’s tasting,  here’s a barely edited version of last week’s.  It’s entirely likely that I’ve missed something, so I’m hoping you’ll forgive the inevitable error:

With Thanksgiving cracking its knuckles and rolling up its sleeves, it behooves us to start giving our Thanksgiving plans some consideration.  There’s food, of course- a traditional turkey with trimmings, or something for the vegetarian contingent, or for those who’ve grown weary of repetition, a dish off the beaten path.  You can make it all yourself, or you can let us handle some, much or all of it.

Thanksgiving menu

But there’s also beverage to be considered, and even if you do know how to make wine, unless you started quite some time ago, you’ll have to pick something up.  This Saturday, we offer our second of two running Saturdays’ worth of Thanksgiving-appropriate wines, taking into account that a turkey dinner, while likely, is no longer a given.  Our friend Megan Nelson will have four wines in tow this weekend, reds and a white, any of which should please a crowd of any size at your Thanksgiving table, and quite possibly the other ensuing holiday tables as well.

The tasting begins at 2:00 this Saturday, November 19, and for a mere $15 plus tax and tip, you’ll be able to sip your way through some great food wines that deserve a spot on your table two weeks hence.  If you’d like us to save you a seat at one of our tables, give us a call at (520) 326-9363.


Thanksgiving wines, part II


You can see the tasting order and pricing here.


2021 Vom Boden “Brand” Riesling Trocken (1 liter,) Pfalz

2020 Andi Knauss Lemberger, Württemberg

2020 Georges Descombe Morgon (Gamay,) Morgon AMC, Beaujolais

2019 Mary Taylor, Sophie Siadou, Valençay, (Gamay/Côt/Pinot Noir,) Valenҫay AVC, Loire

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