Just in case, here’s another nutshell’s worth.

Dear Feastlings,

For two days now, I’ve started writing an email, and for two days, the universe has conspired to keep me otherwise occupied. Each day, I’ve come astonishingly close to getting it written and sent, and each day, one interruption after another has swept my feet out from under me, and I’ve come up short. Today, though, I feel bullish. I came in early, and despite four interruptions already, I’m sending this out before my noon appointment come hell or high water. And therefore, this will be brief.

There’s more going on at Feast than you can shake a stick at in the very near future, so here it is in a simple list format:

-this Saturday’s wine tasting is a second round of Thanksgiving-friendly treats with our friend, colleague and former coworker, Megan Nelson of the Natural Wine Company:

Thanks in advance, again.

-you also have until Saturday to order your Thanksgiving carryout to pick up next Wednesday. We normally let you order until Sunday, but since we’re still shuttered on Sundays, it will have to be Saturday.

Thanksgiving menu

-December 7th, a Wednesday, we’ll be hosting a wine dinner with our other friends and colleagues, Dale and Stephen Ott, founders and jacks-of-all-trades at Nossa Imports, one of only a couple of Tucson-based wine importers, and it promises to be both fun and delicious. Educational, too.

Trust your importer: Nossa Imports

-January 15th, if it hasn’t sold out yet, (at last glance we still had a seat or two available,) we’ll be making our own version of Babette’s Feast, complete with Isak Dinesen’s wine pairings, to honor the Rogue Theatre’s production of the same, and as a benefit for the Rogue. If it has sold out, we’ve agreed to do it all over again on January 22nd as well. It’s a great way to support local theatre, and really two local businesses still recovering, like everyone else, I suppose, from the effects of the pandemic.

Standing room only

And with that, after 48 hours’ worth of futile attempts, I send to you this email. Have a great day.



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