Whether or not

Dear Feastlings,
Today’s the day where I have to get everything ordered for the June menu even though it’s not quite written yet, and the weekend wine tastings posted

All Continental- catch our drift?

Island Wines

even though I have yet to finish writing the food pairings for the Sunday tasting. Plus the administrative stuff I do, like the insurance audit that’s overdue, the former employee who wants another copy of his 2019 W-2 (just getting around to that now, I guess) and squaring away the details for our donation run to COPE this Friday

The staff and residents both, at COPE

All in all, this is basically an excuse for why you’re getting this email well after 4 pm on a Tuesday. Hey, it’s my Monday, and everyone whose Monday was yesterday stuffed my email and voicemail with items to handle, so I’m only just now getting caught up, as the dining room begins (mercifully, mind you) to fill. 4:00 is the new 6:00. No one really has a curtain to catch just yet, though I’ll note that the Loft is open for business again, so dinner and a movie is once again an option well within reach. If you do have a curtain to catch, though, let us know. We’re still a bit rusty, for sure.

Anyhow, whether or not you’re here in town, whether or not you’re comfortable in an indoor public space, whether or not you bother to read my emails, and whether or not I’M ready for all this to transpire, it’s New Early Suppertime, and I’ve gotten just barely enough of my chores done that I’m borderline ready for it, so I’ll send this off, I’ll thank you for your support, I’ll wish you well and I’ll hope you’re feeling peckish. In case you are, here’s one last link:


Gotta get out there, and I hope I’ll run into you.


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