The staff and residents both, at COPE

Dear Feastlings,

It’s no secret to you that one of the many ways we’ve been keeping ourselves afloat throughout the pandemic has been in large part through the generosity of the community.  Every other week, we choose either front line workers, first responders, people experiencing homelessness or living at the poverty line, and with your overwhelming and generous help, we donate meals to them.  For every 80 meals donated by you Feastlings or other members of the community, Feast throws in another 20, and with your kind donations, we’ve now fed over 7,300 people.  This week’s donation run will put us over 7,500, and we’re excited about it.  Partly because it’s another milestone, and partly because this week’s donation will feed both front line workers at COPE, and the residents they care for.

Our heart goes out to the people suffering from both general and serious mental health and substance reliance issues, and or medical issues as well, and this week’s delivery will comfort both those patients and the COPE staff who lend their time and expertise to care for people in the community who are suffering the repercussions of the pandemic on top of being in an already precarious position.

You can donate a meal, a portion thereof, or a dollar amount toward our upcoming delivery run, which will happen during the first week of June- we’re still in the process of working out the logistics.  But you can call us at 326-9363 with a credit card to make your donation, or you can send or drop off a check made out to Feast, with “meal donations” written in the memo line.  The address is 3719 E. Speedway, Tucson, AZ, 85716.

You can see the amazing scope of COPE’s services here:


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