All Continental- catch our drift?

Dear Feastlings,

How it pains me to post that pun as the title of this event, but Kevin is so excited about reopening that he’s doubled down on the painful tasting titles, so I’ll wince my way through it.  The fact of the matter is this: the Last Sunday of the Month tasting is themed Island Wines, so it only seemed appropriate to give equal time to their continental counterparts.  So here come wines from Italy, Spain, France and our own back yard (hey, Arizona is continental- it’s just not part of the European continent.)  Anyhow, for a mere $15 plus tax and tip, you’ll be able to log in to this Saturday’s Zoom tasting and taste along with four wines, and if you want to know our humble opinion over here, the tasting will be a perfect prelude to Sunday’s tasting of Islandy cohorts.  Give us a buzz at 326-9363 and we’ll hang onto some samples for you.

The tasting begins on zoom at 2:00 pm on Saturday, May 29.  The Zoom meeting number for the tasting is 35 7991 4653, and the passcode is 610942.


You can see the tasting order and pricing here.


All Continental- catch our drift?


2017 Castelfeder “Mont Mes” Pinot Grigio, Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT

2016 Fraga do Corvo Mencia, Minterrie DDO

2017 Château de Paraza “Cuvée Spéciale,” Mivervois AOP

2017 Callaghan Buena Suerte Cuvée, Sonoita

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