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Dear Feastlings,
We find ourselves today at another Cinco de Mayo- the day that Americans celebrate more than Mexicans, and which isn’t Mexico’s Independence Day at all. The Cliff’s Notes version is this: May 5 is the celebration of the defeat of a large French force by a much smaller Mexican force under the leadership of one General Ignacio Zaragoza at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Never mind that the second Battle of Puebla had decidedly different results, and Zaragoza had passed away after the first battle and before the second one.
The fact of the matter is, here in the US, some observe the date as a celebration of Mexican culture; others treat it like a trip to Señor Frog’s. At Feast, we regard it as an excuse to eat food whose roots are in Mexico, an irony not lost on us since we’re standing in what was, until 1863, a year after the Battle of Puebla, part of Mexico. Whether you’re celebrating today checking out some Folklorico or tilting your head back in a barber’s chair to have a Margarita mixed in your mouth á la Spring Break, neither precludes you from picking up some tacos, tamales or chilaquiles from Feast today, all of which you’ll find near the bottom of the menu on this page:


You’ve also got until tomorrow to order from the Mother’s Day menu, for which you can pick up food on Saturday OR Sunday,

Mom’s specials for the special mom(s) in your life

and you’re welcome to order a little something for someone else who could use it as well- we’ll be headed to Casas Alitas with food for 150 people or more on Friday.

Food for the guests at Casas Alitas

You also have until the very last minute on Saturday to order this weekend’s wine tasting, a tribute to picnicky wines that happens at 2 pm on the 8th, if you’re so inclined,

Pack a picnic

or you can just pick up a Margarita when you order tonight. Heck, you can buy tequila and triple sec from the bottle shop and then retire to your barber’s chair for that Spring Break version if you want. See you soon.

Con mucho cariño,

Vuestros amigos á Feast

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