Food for the guests at Casa Alitas

Dear Feastlings,

Our next donation run will feed guests at Casa Alitas, which is the Catholic Community Services program to aid migrant families.  As with all of our donation runs, for every 80 meals the community donates, we’ll donate 20 more, and our goal for this one is 150 meals by the time we bring them on Friday, May 7.  You can donate a meal, a dessert, or a dollar amount by calling us at 326-9363 with a credit card number, or mailing or dropping off a check to Feast with “meal donations” written in the memo line.  If you’re curious to know what impact Casa Alitas has for a family, here’s a story from one of their guests:

Please know that with your donation, you’re also helping Feast keep its doors open and keep our crew here gainfully employed during what has stretched into a very long time of living in limbo, doing our best to eke out a living.  So in the interest of full disclosure, you’ll be buying meals for Feast to donate to Casas Alitas.  But we’d love your help, and so would the guests, staff and volunteers of Casas Alitas.  We hope you can help us make this happen.

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