Nicht vergessen.

Dear Feastlings,
Forgetfulness is my middle name, especially now. By now, of course, I mean the past fourteen months. One gets wrapped up in the vagaries of the pandemic- orders don’t come in, people don’t come in, we don’t sleep, we eat poorly, and the next thing you know, we’ve forgotten. Everything.
In the spirit of helpfulness, I hereby remind you that if you’re NOT going to some restaurant whose dining room is fully open come Sunday, we have some Mother’s Day specials for which today is the final day to pre-order.

Mom’s specials for the special mom(s) in your life

Yes, we’ll prep a bit heavier for those who aren’t on this email list and call on Sunday trying to make a reservation for their entourage, but if you want to be assured you’ll get it, and there’s a mother in your life who’s important enough to you that you don’t want to risk our running out of Bouillabaisse for her, today’s your last chance to call in your order. The number to call is 326-9363, and while you’re at it, you’re more than welcome to order Saturday’s wine tasting as well,

Mom’s specials for the special mom(s) in your life

and you can pick up the whole shooting match Saturday morning.

There’s the regular menu as well,

and you can still contribute to tomorrow’s donation run to Casas Alitas if you’d like,

Food for the guests at Casas Alitas

but aren’t the moms in your various lives the most important of the bunch? And that’s the one for which we need to know by this evening at 7:30 what your druthers are. So give us a buzz, or swing by, and pay your respect to a mother whom you treasure.


Us, at Feast

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