Varying degrees of New

Good day, Feastlings.
Frankly, I’m not entirely sure how much New I can handle these days- we’ve been attempting to create New to adapt to New on a fairly regular basis for the past 14 months, and it does have a cumulative sort of effect- one’s will is gradually abraded away. So this week’s New is, well, nothing all that New. There’s a New menu, which is something we’ve done for the past 20 years, and as I noted to someone only this morning, when you add in the real foolishness of attempting to change the menu weekly, and then bi-weekly, when we first opened, today’s menu is well past menu number 250. Since today is the first Tuesday of the month, you’ll find a handful, albeit only a handful, of new dishes on today’s menu:

Also New is this Saturday’s wine tasting, which again is nothing new. We’ve been doing the weekly tastings ever since Kevin joined us nearly eight years ago, and the Sunday tastings since Feast was down the street in the spot that now houses Tito & Pep. So really, here’s something else New that’s nothing New:

Pack a picnic

You’ve seen Mother’s Day menus from us since Feast was wee as well, but here’s a glimpse at that, along with a reminder that you have until the end of the day on Thursday to be guaranteed your Mother’s Day treats,

Mom’s specials for the special mom(s) in your life

and we’ve been bringing food that you- and we- donate to front-line workers, people experiencing homelessness, others living at the poverty line and still others experiencing one hardship or another since we were shut down at the beginning of the pandemic. So again, nothing (New) to see here:

Food for the guests at Casas Alitas

The Newest of the New is that we’re finally starting to prepare to reopen the dining room, though it’s still a couple of weeks away: the tables are being refinished, we’ll be touching up the paint, getting the new and returning staff trained on the (not all that new) New point of sale system and the New (so New it isn’t even ready yet) reservation system. Tune in tomorrow for a few Cinco de Mayo specials, and whatever other New thing we come up with between now and then. And thanks.



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