The things we forget when there’s an occasion

Dear Feastlings,
I don’t know about you, but the first thing I forget when there’s an occasion is invariably any other occasion. So when I wrote yesterday to regale you with birthday nonsense, I neglected to mention some impending events, and they have deadlines, so I’ll kick off today’s email with a reminder that you have until Thursday to order Mother’s Day specials if you want to be assured that Mom gets the special thing you want to order for her. The number to call is 326-9363, and the list of specials for her (and anyone else, truthfully- I mean, you wouldn’t want her to celebrate alone, would you?) is here:

Mom’s specials for the special mom(s) in your life

Also with a looming Thursday deadline is the event for which we’re continuing to accept donations, a food run to Casas Alitas, for the mothers and the people they mother who are in more trying circumstances than ours, more than likely. For every eighty meals donated, we donate an additional twenty, and this run pushes us within reach of the 7500-meal mark. We’re not quite there, but with our next donation run after CA, we’ll have donated over 7,500 meals, six thousand of which will have come from all of you, and 1,500 of which will have come from Feast. Here’s more about that:

Food for the guests at Casas Alitas

We have a wine tasting on Saturday as well, and that ought to round out our week.

Pack a picnic

Come Tuesday, the May menu will have begun, and there’ll be more for us to talk about at that point, but for now, you have one last shot at the April menu

and we’re thrilled to cook for you a bit today, so if you’re not up to the challenge yourself, a phone call is decidedly less work than preparing a quality meal. There’s more in the works, and we’ll tell you about it soon, but in the meanwhile, Happy Impending Mother’s Day.


the people of Feast

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