Why you shouldn’t send me flowers on Administrative Professionals Day

Dear Feastlings,
Administrative Professionals Day is next Wednesday, April 21st, and I’m not an impressive administrative professional, despite the fact that it’s substantially what I now do each day. I spent much of the day hunting down old payroll reports and calling and emailing various other administrative professionals, in order to facilitate some help for one of our kitchen crew, a saute cook who discovered more oil than he expected in a hot pan, the hard way. He’s healing up, though.
With the hospital stuff checked off my list, and the insurance people’s appetite for paperwork sated, I set to applying for forgiveness for our first PPP loan, the second of which finally came in a nick of time, which meant more payroll stuff, and scanning old utility bills, more emails and so on, and I’m still not finished with that. Then came setting up speakers for this Saturday’s wine tasting, emailing people on an eleven-hour time difference and hoping they’re night owls so they’re more coherent than I am during the tasting this Saturday at 2.
And then, when I looked up, the day was nearly over and the email was never even written, let alone sent. And so, as a chef, i do okay. As a restaurateur, well, social media has more five-star reviews than one-star, though I won’t lie. Not everyone loves Feast. And that’s okay. Turns out I don’t love everyone either. And Feast does all right. We’re just beloved enough. But as an administrative professional? I’m neither administrative nor professional. So while I encourage you to pick up a bottle of wine for the AP in your life, or a gift card, or dinner, you shouldn’t sent me a bouquet, or treat me special in any way, because mediocrity shouldn’t be rewarded- it only encourages more of the same. Save it for someone who knows what they’re doing.
What should be rewarded is the stuff we’re good at, and I dare say the wine tastings have gotten steadily better since we were forced to stop doing them in person, and you deserve a reward yourself, so why not take care of it all in one fell swoop, and join us this Saturday at 2:00? Here are the details:

South Africa

The other people that deserve a reward are those who make up the crew at Banner’s Crisis Response Center, only a small number of whom are administrative professionals, but all of whom provide an amazingly valuable service to the people of Tucson and nearby. And as luck would have it, I’m headed over there on Tuesday, the day before AP Day, with meals for everyone who works there, day and night.

Now more than ever.

You’re welcome and encouraged to help us feed these tremendous people, and details about how to do that are there when you follow the link above. And yes, of course, there’s the menu,


and our beverages,


and soon enough there’ll be posts about other upcoming events, but I haven’t gotten those done yet. Remember, I’m not very good at this. But we’ll find other reasons for you to be happy with what I do. So long as it doesn’t rely on my office skills.



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