The people have spoken/another breather

Dear Feastlings,
Here’s a thank-you for those of you who offered their feedback about the deliveries to our farther-flung hubs. It would appear that the people have spoken, and they appear to be saying in the majority: “thanks, but we’re feeling a bit more comfortable getting out now and then.” There were a few who’d still avail themselves of the service if we reached the necessary numbers, but at this point, it looks like it would not only not be lucrative, but would end up costing us money, and while we love you and we want to serve you, losing 33 percent of our sales last year and another 46 percent so far this year seems like enough expense to me.
So thanks for understanding, and thanks for your support of past hub deliveries, and if you do happen to scrape up enough interest in your neighborhood, we’re happy to schedule a special delivery, but without that critical mass, we’re simply unable. That said, we’re making some small headway toward reopening- still trying to find enough new folk to join us (and old- you may be surprised upon our eventual reopening to see a familiar face or two, either from Feast’s past or from other old haunts of yours and mine.) That said, there are former Feast people who are happy to support us- and the restaurant industry- like everyone else is: from a safe distance. And I can’t say I blame them.
Either way, we’re inching our way toward enough of a staff to open the somewhat normal way, though we’re close enough to all being vaccinated now, and far enough from being fully staffed now, that there’s no point in rushing into it. But plans have certainly begun.
No hub deliveries this week does offer us a bit of a breather, though, so my plan is to get ahead a bit, between interviews and paperwork and all the planning on which I’m normally behind, though knowing me, I’ll also take the opportunity to come up with some last-minute nonsense that gives us all the mad scramble that I evidently require in my life in order to get things done.
For now, though, there’s not too terribly much on the horizon:

There’s this Saturday’s wine tasting, a cool collection of South African wines that merit your attention,

South Africa

there’s next week’s donation delivery to staff at the Banner Crisis Response Center,

Now more than ever.

and there’s of course the menu in general.

So I’ll retire to a more-leisurely-than-usual to-do list, and leave you to yours. But if yours requires sustenance, we’re here for you.

Your buddy,


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