Knock, knock. Who’s there? Normal. Normal who?

Dear Feastlings,
It does indeed feel like normalcy is knocking on our door. Our little herd is approaching immunity, and the looks on people’s faces are getting progressively more quizzical each time we tell someone who wanders in that we’re still not seating in the dining room. And as much as I tire of explaining why we’re still not seating, you can be assured that I’m even more tired of not seating. Still, we’re making progress, both Feast and Pima County, and I’m grateful for all of it.
There’ll be some new normal, obviously: when we finally DO reopen the dining room, we’ll still be offering takeout, and a virtual component to our wine tastings, and we’ll keep making our own bread and baked goods, for example.
We’ll continue to bring donated meals to members of the community who are working extra hard, or feeling extra need, and so on, and we’re excited to carry on these new traditions. Some will be minor vestiges of the pandemic; others will take on a life of their own. And frankly, we have no idea which will be which. Feast still has habits that come from opening our doors as a takeout place with display cases and a handful of tables, and our new habits remain to be seen.
There will, however, be habits that fade with the pandemic. We’ve lost money on delivery from the get-go, but we felt it an important service to offer when people were homebound. We’ll keep doing it until we reopen the dining room, but for those of you who’ve been getting food delivered, please practice opening your door without the expectation of one of our crew standing there with a meal in hand. Also speaking of delivery, we’ve seen less and less interest in our deliveries to our outlying hubs, and so I’m considering this a survey: please tell me whether you would take advantage of our coming to your outlying neighborhood if we did it next weekend, i.e. the 16th, 17th and 18th of April. Last time we did it, there was little enough interest to warrant a re-evaluation.
Still, we’re not quite reopened yet, and in the meantime, we’ll soldier along, with our menu,

our wine tastings,

Pick a Picpoul!

our meal donations,

Hot meals for those experiencing cold nights

Now more than ever.

and other fund-raising events.

Feast for Families

And we’ll keep stuffing your mailbox, and with any luck, your bellies, until we can clink a glass with you, in person, in the dining room, and see you smile when dessert arrives.

Your friends at Feast

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