All business.

Dear Feastlings,
As much as I find tremendous therapeutic value in writing what feels more like a journal entry than an email, some days, it’s all business. I have much to accomplish today, as we’re getting ready for this event tonight, a virtual chat and a tangible spread of wine with food pairings to celebrate fifty years for Child and Family Resources here in Tucson:

Feast for Families

There was a cancellation or two, so give CFR a call if you’re feeling a last-minute urge to jump in on the webinar, and if you want to know the tasting order beforehand or the pricing and how much of your wine purchase will be donated to CFR afterward, you’ll head to the same place, which is here:

How to shop for wine from Feast for Families

Tomorrow, we’ll be putting your donations toward four days’ worth of meals for the people eating at the Primavera Men’s Shelter,

Hot meals for those experiencing cold nights

and you can still sign up for this Saturday’s wine tasting if that sounds appealing. It’s all Picpoul, and if you’re not familiar with the grape, you will be by the end of the afternoon come Saturday:

Pick a Picpoul!

It turns out we’re still a restaurant as well, so you can order food to pick up or have delivered from this menu,

and thus concludes our business. Have a truly lovely day.

Your friends at Feast

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