A cloud of dust and feathers

Dear Feastlings,
You know how when a cartoon character makes a speedy exit there are a few swirly lines and maybe some dust, fur or feathers floating behind? I feel like that cloud. It feels like my body took off without me today, leaving me to realize as I float slowly and erratically downward that I was meant to be at that Zoom meeting an hour before I thought I was, that the March menu begins in six days but still isn’t finished, and I’d missed my cutoff to order Texas boar today due to the time difference. If only I’d been able to blame my conspicuous absence at the Zoom meeting on a time difference. Sigh.
And now, here it is, hours later than I wanted to get this email written, and I’m only just sitting down to it at nearly 4:00. Sigh again.
In the interest of getting the mail out before everyone has already made even a last-minute dinner decision, I’ll keep the rest of this as short as I can:

First, there’s dinner. The number to call if you’ve decided to grab something tasty from us last-minute is 326-9363, and the menu, including specials, breads and pastries, is here:


If you’re planning ahead for the weekend (which might be a good idea, since I obviously don’t get the email out as early as I used to,) please know that we have two wine tastings this weekend- one on Saturday at 2:00

Where’d you say you came from?

and one on Sunday, complete with food pairings, at 3:30

Spain beyond Rioja

We’re still trying to drum up support for the three hundred meals we’re bringing to the U of A mall Vaccine volunteers two weeks from today

The only mall people are going to

and for Nourish and the restaurant community of Tucson

A fundraiser for Nourish AND your favorite restaurants, whichever ones they may be

and there’ll be more in your mailbox soon enough. The March menu begins next week, we’re already a week into corning beef for the very special day on March 17, and that meeting I nearly missed was a planning meeting for the benefit we’re doing for Child and Family Resources, which they’ve graciously named Feast for Families. We’ll be posting more about that event once the various kinks are sorted, but in the meantime, it can’t hurt you to know what Child & Family Resources is doing for families in our community now and for the past fifty years in Tucson:


Now grab yourself a freshly baked loaf of bread- I can assure you that Barrio ran out by noontime and is long closed for the day, but we still have some- and a bottle of wine or a potato-crusted seabass may not hurt either. Treat yourself to something tasty, know that we’re inching toward normalcy, and sigh a happy sigh rather than a sad one.



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