Our eyes are watering, but for once they aren’t tears.

Dear kind Feastlings,
Years ago, we put a dish on the menu that was our nemesis. It was delicious, mind you, but it was chicken that was brined overnight with hay and straw, then roasted packed in hay and straw. And it was really tasty chicken. The tragedy, though, was that when we roasted it, in a convection oven that blew hay and straw vapors into the sensitive eyes of at least three of us, multiple times a week. Today, we started brining shrimp for the upcoming Last Sunday of the Month wine tasting, a collection of Spanish wines that come from everywhere but Rioja, and the hay is making me, Mike and Dave suffer hay allergies like you can’t begin to imagine. Our eyes are watering, we’re all on the verge of sneezing what little bits of brain we have all over the kitchen, and we’re aching for an end to this experiment. But deliciousness takes a back seat to no one here at Feast, so we’re suffering in hopes that you’ll sign up for the tasting and enjoy something delicious alongside your wine. Here’s more info on that tasting:

Spain beyond Rioja

We’re aware that the pricing is more dear than a Saturday tasting- the wines are a little pricier, and the food pairings cost a bit extra to put together, so if the Saturday tasting falls more into your budget, I’d suggest Saturday’s tasting instead:

Where’d you say you came from?

I’d also mention at this point the upcoming philanthropic efforts of Feast and the community at large, a food donation event that’s happening in just under two weeks,

The only mall people are going to

and a fundraiser for Nourish, which you can learn more about here:

A fundraiser for Nourish AND your favorite restaurants, whichever ones they may be

Sure, there’ll be more coming up- a March menu that begins on Tuesday, more meals donated to volunteers at the two Banner vaccination sites, and some other odds and ends- but for now, it’s just hay fever, wine tastings, and food donations to a broad spectrum of Vaccine Volunteers, and for your contributions to it, we thank you. More soon from all your buddies at Feast, but in the meanwhile, stay well for us. We miss you.


The people pf Feast

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