Seven easy pieces.

Dear Feastlings,
I’m already regretting that I didn’t have the gumption yesterday to dash off an email, if only because I now have seven links to shoehorn into today’s note. It would likely have been wiser to break it up a bit, but between feeling wiped out by Tuesday’s events and just short of ten months now of being kneecapped by a virus that doesn’t know or care who we are, I took the procrastinator’s way out and put it off until today. And now all I have to show for my ennui is a slow day at the restaurant that won’t get the bills paid and an unwieldy list of links to everything that’s on the horizon.
So I’ll do it chronologically, and with a little description, and you can decide what to bother clicking on. We’ll start with the donation run that’s already happening this afternoon, in case that stimulus check is burning a hole in your pocket and you still feel like chipping in to help your fellow Tucsonan:

Our next series of donation runs

And I’m firming up plans with Carondolet Healthcare to feed some of their deserving crew a week from Wednesday, but I’ll post more about that when I have plans inked in.
Meanwhile, next up is our customary Saturday wine tasting, which bears great promise:

Dry wit and dry whites

In between that and our next events would just be the regular menu


and beverage selections


which I’m hoping will occupy you until we get to the following weekend, when we do another round of deliveries to our outlying hubs. There’ll be one to the east/northeast and our lone westside hub on Friday the 15th,

Eastward, Ho! (and also, the more traditional Westward, Ho!)

one to the north and northwest suburbs on Saturday the 16th,

North by northwest

and one to the south and southeast on Sunday the 17th.

Down south

As that weekend gets closer, we’ll be putting more dishes into cryovac for those of you who like to stock up (and heat up without a lot of bother,) and we’ll post those items on the menu. But meanwhile, practice not having to drive so far. And thanks. Thanks for your supportive emails, thanks for your generous donations to our donation runs, and thanks for your kind patronage. If your businesses ever end up hobbled by a pandemic, I’d love to be able to return the favor.

Your friend,


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