Our next series of donation runs

Dear Feastlings,

You’re doubtless aware that restaurants across the country, along with tens of thousands of other businesses, have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, and you may or may not know that we at Feast are doing our best to stay open by encouraging the community to help us feed people, be they front line workers, people experiencing homelessness, and others who contribute to our community.  Our next series of donations will be going to the tenants at the three properties run by Compass Affordable Housing.  Compass operates three different apartment complexes at affordable rates to help people gain stability as they transition out of homelessness, as they begin their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, as they return to civilian life from the armed forces, and as they struggle to support their families on low wages.  We’ll be sending holiday season meals to the people who live at the Alvord Court Apartments on December 15, to the people who live at Glenstone Village Apartments on December 18, and to the people living at Downtown Motor Apartments on January 8.  In all, it’s somewhere around 400 or 450 people- we’re still getting tenant counts- but as usual, here’s our plan:  For every 250 meals the community donates, we’ll donate another 50 meals, and we make no secret of the fact that you’re helping us keep our crew employed as you help feed these people in transition.  Want to know more about Compass Affordable Housing?  Here’s a link.

Want to help a different way?  You can do your holiday shopping at their online holiday auction.

We’ll also be bringing meals to the B’nai B’rith Covenant House on December 23rd, which isn’t one of the properties run by Compass Affordable Housing, but which is every bit as important to limited-income seniors as these other apartments are to other sectors of the community who rely on affordable housing.

You can learn more about them here.

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