Two weeks and change

Dear Feastlings,
I can’t imagine I’m alone in being ready to put 2020 behind me. Whether you’re tired of working from home, frustrated you can’t really travel anywhere, whether your business or a loved one is hanging on by a thread, or your family’s at each other’s throats from being trapped in the house together for the past nine months, it’s likely you’re ready to unceremoniously cut 2020 loose like the raft of the Medusa and let the sharks have at it.

I, for one, will be delighted to see 2020 behind me, and I’m grateful to once again be out of work by midnight, fulfilling the New Year’s resolution at 1:30 AM on January 1, 2000 as I plated six more dinners: never to be working at midnight on New Year’s Eve again. And damned if I don’t open a bottle of Champagne when time comes. In an effort to help you all celebrate the end of a really rough year, we’ve concocted a little event that you can celebrate when it’s convenient for you: eight hors d’oeuvres, all simple to heat and serve (though some don’t need to be heated,) and eight sips, or rather, two-ounce pours, of special wines you wouldn’t get to taste every day. The wines are optional, because they’re not inexpensive, but I know I personally welcome the opportunity to enjoy something special as a sendoff to 2020. If you’re a bubbly drinker, we’re offering all of our sparkling wines at 10% off on the 31st, and if you’re doing the wine pairing, we’ll make it 15% off a sparkler (though please note that these discounts don’t pair with any other discounts, as they could theoretically put the price below our cost, which won’t do us any favors in the keeping-the-doors-open department.) You’ll have until the 27th to place your orders, so mull it over, think of some friends in your bubble you’d want to share some snacks and sips with, or some friend who aren’t who you’d like to see over a screen with hors d’oeuvres in hand, and order an assortment. I apologize in advance to anyone with dietary restrictions or druthers, as we’re only able to offer this as a set, and without altering any of the dishes. With eight different appetizers, it simply invites disaster to try and accommodate the inevitable onslaught of requests, so if there’s one that doesn’t sound like it would work for you, I’d urge you to swap it with a compatriot who finds a different one disagreeable. Fingers crossed, and thanks for understanding the logistical nightmare of trying to accommodate scores of requests among scores of appetizers. Ditto with the wines: we have a fixed number of bottles from which to pour, and can’t open eighteen of one and only four of another, as we’ll end up running out for those who want the assortment as it’s offered. What does the menu look like? This:

Hors d’oeuvres for New Year’s Eve

There’s still time to order for Christmas as well, and despite my earlier warning of a goose-ordering cutoff yesterday, we were able to procure a bit more, so we have about half a dozen goose breasts still to spare, and a couple dozen leg/thigh combos, which we’ll lovingly slow-cook in goose fat to make the best goose confit you’ve eaten in recent memory, if at all. There’s also beef Wellington and a bunch of other goodies, so the deal is now this: you can order goose until we’ve run out, and as for everything else, just go ahead and order it and we’ll get more ingredients in, so you can order to your heart’s content through Sunday. Here’s that menu:

Christmas menu

As for other events, thank you for contributing to our donation run today to the El Dorado Health Campus staff, as well as to the staff of the TMC Pain Center, and thanks as well for contriubtions to yesterday’s run to the Alvord Court Apartments, and to Friday’s trip to the residents of Glenstone Village and our upcoming trips to B’nai B’rith Covenant House and Downtown Motor Apartments.

Our next series of donation runs

We appreciate your feeding the various members of the community who could use some help, or a break, or some recognition, or any combination thereof, and helping the crew here put food on their own tables in the process. And we urge you to do the same for yourself- here’s the menu in case you’re feeling peckish:

And here’s this Saturday’s wine tasting in case you’re parched:

Stock it up.

Give us a jingle, grab a bite, send a dish to someone you love, or to a complete stranger, and know you’ve done something valuable. And keep yourselves safe, healthy and happy.



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