A brief chronology

Dear Feastlings,
Between meetings and getting in our various ingredients and wines and spirits and ciders and what-have-you, I’m putting together this short list of upcoming events in chronological order. First, there’s of course our menu

and our beverages,


which could go at the beginning of the list, or at the end, since they’re both ongoing, but there’s also a delivery tomorrow to the residents at Glenstone Village, for which we’re still angling for what help we can get, be it from you or from someone you know who wants to help people who are trying, in the midst of a pandemic, to get their feet back under themselves and carry on.

Our next series of donation runs

Then there’s Saturday’s wine tasting,

Stock it up.

Sunday’s deadline for Christmas dishes (we’ve sold out of goose breast, but we do still have some confit of leg and thigh,)

Christmas menu

and for those of you who are far more organized than I, you can get the jump on ordering snacks for New Year’s Eve.

Hors d’oeuvres for New Year’s Eve

I do apologize for the businesslike tone of this email, but today’s a businesslike day. Even if it’s predominantly monkey business. Each and all of us here at Feast pause, though, to wish you well, each and all, during a time when it feels like Covid cases are popping up like weeds all around us, and we hope that you’re not among the new cases, and that those of you who’ve found yourself in that unenviable situation are feeling minimal symptoms, that you’re taking excellent care of yourselves, and that you’re healing quickly.

With love and sympathy,

Your friends at Feast

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