I’ve got blisters on my fingers.

Dear Feastlings,
Is it the White Album where John Lennon says he’s got blisters on his fingers? Today I’d trade the figurative blisters on my typing fingers for the literal blisters on John’s guitar-playing fingers. I’ve said it a dozen times in emails and a thousand times under my breath that in opening a restaurant, I didn’t sign up for this. Today’s been a non-stop email-o-rama, getting speakers signed up for the upcoming wine tastings, lining up schedules for a cooking demo that Slow Food is coming to shoot, getting pizza ingredients organized for our field trip to Dos Cabezas, and trying to line up goose for Christmas and some more exotic ingredients for New Year’s Eve (PLEASE don’t ask me about New Year’s Eve- I’ll get that done soon, I promise.) Then there’s scheduling our deliveries to four different low-income housing spots as part of our ongoing meal donation project, checking in on of the crew here who are probably just fine but quarantining to keep the rest of us safe, just in case. All I wanted to do was make people something good for dinner, but we’re in no position to hire an administrative assistant, so it looks like I’m it for now. Which is why I’m leading today’s (by now, tonight’s) email with a link to our cocktail page.

I need a drink tonight. And I’ll need the hair of the dog that bit me tomorrow, so here’s a link to the wine tasting:

Meet the Cru

And here are links to everything else I’ve mentioned above, and some that I haven’t mentioned, like our ongoing donation project, where you can help keep restaurant workers employed at the same time you feed deserving members of our community:

Our next series of donation runs

And there’s the Chanukah menu, for which you’ll need to order by next Tuesday:

Chanukah menu

and the newly minted Christmas menu, for which you’ll need to order by the 15th if you want goose (disclaimer: based on how Thanksgiving went, we may or may not simply run out of goose and not be able to get any more, so ordering early is the smart person’s way to order. He who hesitates is lost.)

Christmas menu

More immediate is our trip down to Dos Cabezas this Sunday, and you can reserve a spot there (Todd texted me today to say that it’s filling up) to grab a serious bottle of wine and a less serious pizza

You can’t get it here, but if you can get there, there’ll be pizza.

And most immediately of all, today’s menu. Just in case you haven’t decided on dinner yet.

And with that, I withdraw to my incomplete responsibilities. See you soon, I hope.
Your friend,

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