Field trip.

Dear Feastlings,
I’m chipping away at the to-do list. Today brings the Chanukah menu, only because it beats out Christmas chronologically, at least this year. In fact, it begins a week from today when the sun goes down, so if you want any Chanukah-styled victuals, you’ll need to order them by next Tuesday at the latest. Here’s the menu:

Chanukah menu

I’ll have a Christmas menu out soon as well, but there are a few distractions: First, there’s Covid-era stuff. Time was, when someone’s baby had a fever, it meant the parents got no sleep for a night or two. Now it means the whole family gets tested and quarantines until they find out the result. So if you’re one of those people who keeps telling me that if we’d just open our doors our problems will be solved? I beg to differ. I feel confident that it’s just a childhood flu, but we’re taking this whole thing seriously around here.
Next, there’s the normal stuff: We do have a wine tasting this Saturday, and this Saturday is a personal favorite for me: Cru Beaujolais. If you don’t order it all, I promise to consume it (over time) myself.

Meet the Cru

Third, there’s a field trip: the least hostile takeover of all time will find me at Dos Cabezas WineWorks in Sonoita making nerd pizza to accompany the seriously good wines to be found down there. There’s ample room to keep distanced from others, there are heaters in the courtyard, there’s a fire in the oven and a twinkle in our eyes. Come check it out,

You can’t get it here, but if you can get there, there’ll be pizza.

Once we recover from all that, or possibly even before we do, I’ll have a Christmas menu up on the website (still talking to my goose supplier, but when’s the last time you had goose on your dinner table?)

Wherever we end up with the menu, we’ll post it soon, and we’ll be excited to cook it all up for you. More soon.
All of us at Feast

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