Ah, the trivia.

Dear Feastlings,
No small number of you knew, and corrected me, that it was Ringo who had blisters on his fingers, not John (but seriously, close your eyes and listen to the end of Helter Skelter- it does sound like John’s voice, at least to me, and at least to one of you who wrote back yesterday.) I always preferred the ballads myself, so I’ll likely go home and listen to Dear Prudence, and yes, I know that Prudence is Mia Farrow’s sister, so I’ll save us all the back-and-forth on that other bit of White Album trivia.

One thing I love about Feastlings is that we who are all members of this little community seem to have a fondness, as a very general rule, for odd bits of information. We trade notes on St. Rocco/ St. Roch, patron saint of plagues and infectious diseases, on opera and on poetry, on neuropsychology and on sociology. Our thirst for knowledge cheers me, and our thirst for knowledge of things thirst-related is, well, my livelihood. Today we’ll all gain some knowledge about one of my personal favorite varietals, Gamay. There’s still time to grab a set of samples if you want to join in. Just call 326-9363 and we’ll set some aside for you. What are we tasting? It’s this:

Meet the Cru

And what’s the zoom information for the tasting? It’s this:

Doug Levy is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Meet the Cru
Time: Dec 5, 2020 02:00 PM Arizona

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 823 9601 3045
Passcode: 694673

If the tasting wets your whistle but only whets your appetite for wine, stroll down to Sonoita tomorrow and visit us again, at Dos Cabezas, where we’ll be making pizza to accompany their delicious wines. Here’s the scoop on that event, which happens from 11 to 5 tomorrow:

You can’t get it here, but if you can get there, there’ll be pizza.

You’ll want to give them a call, because they’re starting to fill up, and it’s meant to be beautiful down there, weather-wise. The number to call is (520) 455-5141.

Also, start your planning because I wasn’t quick to post the Chanukah and Christmas menus, but they both have ordering cutoffs that are fast approaching:

Chanukah menu

Christmas menu

I’ll post more soon- we’re still working on funding our next donation runs

Our next series of donation runs

and there’ll be a New Year’s Eve menu of sorts as well, but I’m trying to keep it from being an exhausting experience for you. It’s hard for me to rein in the bells and whistles, but I have some ideas. They just have yet to be put to paper. But I’ll see you today on the screen, or tomorrow in the courtyard at Dos Cabezas, and a good time will be had by all. Thanks, everyone.

Your friend in all things trivial,


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