Keeping it brief

Dear Feastlings,
I starting to go into all the details as to why I’m only just now getting the email out today, when I realized how I sounded. It wasn’t pretty. So you’ll be pleased to know I’m sparing you all the angry-sounding bits of frustration with the trials and tribulations of restaurant life six months and change into a pandemic, and focusing on what I think you need to know, and that’s basically what’s on the new menu that begins today, that Sonoran Restaurant Week is going all the way through Sunday,

Sonoran Restaurant week lasts through October 11!

that Friday we’re delivering food to the Sister Jose Women’s Center and encouraging you to help us do so,

Our next donation run- Sister José Women’s Center

that there’s a wine tasting this Saturday at 2:00,

Little by little

and that yesterday was NOT the last day to register to vote in Arizona- you now have a second chance, and I urge you to exercise your right to vote for the people you think will do the best job as public servants.

Lace up your boots, get ready to vote, and pick up a bite eat and a bottle of something that speaks to you, ideally from one of the independent restaurants who needs your support, and whose employees need your support, while they all now wait for stimulus talks to resume after the election. Here are three links to that, so you can choose how to learn about it and leave me out of the politics part of it- I’m just one of those restaurant employees.

Have a good day, everyone.

Your friend, who’ll be more chipper tomorrow,


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