Our thumbs

Dear Feastlings,
I know it’s Sunday, and Sundays are notoriously quiet in restaurants everywhere, let alone restaurants that still don’t have their dining rooms open, so I’m not expecting a tremendous surge in phone calls. But I thought on the off-chance that while we’re twiddling our thumbs, you’re thumbing through emails and maybe have yet to decide what your dinner plans are. With that in mind, I send you your last crack at our September menu (remember, the October menu begins the first Tuesday in October) and a little note about our next small series of donation runs to our new friends at the Sister Jose Women’s Center:

Our next donation run- Sister José Women’s Center

That will happen Friday, and then on Saturday, we’ll taste some “small” wines together:

Little by little

And there’ll be more to discover, of course, as the week progresses. Meanwhile, there are more pastry specials than you can shake a stick at, and there’s Sonoran Restaurant Week as well, which you can still enjoy for a solid week:

Sonoran Restaurant week lasts through October 11!

And cocktails, too. Who doesn’t want a cocktail on a Sunday afternoon?

So put those thumbs to good use and punch in our phone number- 326-9363- and say hello. Grab a bite. Sip a sip. And start your week with something delicious.

Stay well, stay happy and do something kind for someone today, even if that person happens to be yourself.

Your friends at Feast

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