Our next donation run- Sister José Women’s Center

Hello, Feastlings.

This Sunday, October 4, will be the last of three runs we make to the Primavera Men’s Shelter with meals that you, we and other citizens at large have donated, and in an effort to continue keeping our doors open and serve as broad a swatch of the community as we can, we’ll be making another couple of donation runs to the Sister José Women’s Center, which offers service to homeless women in Tucson.  The first of those meals will go out on Friday, October 9, and will raise the total number of meals we’ve made for people in our donation runs to 4,262 meals.  And we’ll keep on doing this for as long as we can.

That said, we’re a restaurant, during the Covid pandemic, and we’re in no condition to fund all of this by ourselves.  In point of fact, we’re keeping most of our staff of four dozen employed in great part through your generosity toward your fellow members of this community, be they front line workers or homeless folks.

So while we’re acutely aware that no one is feeling a lucky streak just now, if you fall into the category of feeling financially flush and in the mood to help your fellow human beings, we’d welcome a donation from you, from mere pennies up to, well, whatever you feel like donating.  As we’ve done from the outset, once we get to the 250 donated meal marker, we’ll throw in another 50 meals on us, and any overage will go toward whatever donation follows this one.  You can call your donation in at 326-9363 and we’re happy to take a credit card number, or you can stop by with cash or a check- checks should say “shelter donation” on the memo line.

Want to know more about the shelter and the services they offer?  You can see that information here.  Thank you for whatever contribution you care to make.

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