Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Dear Feastlings,
As this pandemic drags on, i find myself surprised quite a bit as to how fine the line between hope and despair can be. One minute, it’s Ferragosto and we’re ecstatic that there are still people out there, hungry and excited about special food and something out of the New Ordinary to do, supporting us in droves; and the next, we’re drumming our fingers on the bar, prep table or desk, drawing straws to see who gets sent home early for lack of anything to do. The subject line, then, is a mixture of Shaekspearian despair- Macbeth was right about the creeping in this petty pace from day to day, especially now- but I’m going to give it my best shot and think of tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow as the respective ordering deadlines for the next three days’ suburban hub deliveries: tomorrow is the last day to order for Friday’s eastside (and one westside) delivery hubs,

East meets west

and the tomorrow after that, i.e. Friday, will be the last day to order for the Saturday deliveries to the north and northwest,

Northward bound

leaving the third tomorrow, Saturday, to be the deadline to order for Sunday’s run to points south and southeast.

Southern hospitality

Yes, I know it’s a stretch, and could even be seen as a cynical stretch, turning Macbeth into a marketing ploy, but it’s better than going down that dark path and moping to you all again- even I’m tired of that, so I can’t imagine how you’d feel about it (though I suspect a number of you have become adept at hitting the “delete” button before the tone of an email becomes too grave.)

Meanwhile, in that same effort to keep it light, I’ll remind you again of the wine tasting this Saturday

The cradle of civilization

and our donation run to the night and weekend staff of the VA Hospital, plus, I’m informed today, the people they call Ambassadors and screeners- here’s something from my friend Mandy at the VA Hospital:

“In addition to the evening/weekend staff (we) would like to include our Ambassadors and screeners this time if possible. These staff are also on the front lines screening patients and staff as they come to the facility and transporting our Veterans throughout the hospital. We did not include them last time and their job is so critical to our safety and patient care flow.”

Here’s some more information about the food we’ll be bringing to them next week:

Our next hospital donation run- nights and weekends

So there is is: a positive focus today, on the steps we’re taking to keep our own staff busy, to help other people in the community, and to feed our hungry guests when you need to treat yourselves to something special amid the drudgery of the pandemic, and the tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Stay well, all of you.



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