The cradle of civilization

Dear Feastlings,

While many would argue that Western Civilization is in decline at the moment, we’re keeping a stiff upper lip here at Feast and celebrating its birth at this Saturday’s tasting.  So although we’ve all regarded France, Germany, Italy and Spain as some of the places where Old World wine comes from, this week, we’ll be taking it even further back.  There’ll be white wine from Greece and Lebanon, and red from Croatia and Israel.  So if you’re interested in expanding your geographical wine horizons, this is the week to do it.  The tasting, as usual, is $12.50 plus tax and tip, and it begins at 2:00 pm on Saturday the 22nd.  Hope you can make it.

The zoom meeting number for the tasting is 853 5764 0231.  the password is 268540.


You can find the tasting order and price sheet here.

The cradle of civilization

2017 Alpha Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Florina Protected Geographical Indication

2015 Ixsir “Altitudes” White Blend (Obeidy/Muscat/Viognier,) Batroun District

2018 Andrović Plavac Mali, Pelješac Peninsula

2019 Hermon Cabernet Sauvignon, Galilee

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