Today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Dear Feastlings,
They can’t all be gems. In fact, many would argue that none of them can be gems. The fact of the matter is, however, that despite my lofty aspirations of cleverly tying Feast into some sort of Shakespearean wisdom รก la yesterday simply won’t happen today- I’ve got back to back meetings, sitting masked across the twelve-foot-long community table for most of the day today, and if i’m going to get an email out to you at an even remotely reasonable hour, I’ve got to sent it out now, between wine reps. So here it is: today’s the last day to order food for tomorrow’s delivery run to the eastern, northeastern and western outskirts of Tucson. I’ve had a few people ask, so while there are specials available for all three delivery runs, you can order whatever you’d like. Obviously, some dishes reheat better than others, and any of us can help you make a selection that will be good to heat up at your leisure, so if you have questions about that, we’re here. The specials will be available as well. Want to know where the delivery hubs are for tomorrow’s delivery run? Here’s a list, which tells you what time we’ll be at each hub:

East meets west

Want to order something for Saturday’s delivery run to the north and northwest? For that one, you have until tomorrow at 7:30 pm. Here are those hubs:

Northward bound

And if you live in the south or southeast outer reaches, you’ve got until Saturday evening to order. Green Valley, Vail, Sahuarita or Academy Village? Check out this list:

Southern hospitality

There’s also still time to order your samples for Saturday’s wine tasting

The cradle of civilization

or just something off the regular menu


or to make a donation for the hardworking frontliners at the VA Hospital, most of whom being fed this week are the ones near and dear to my own heart, the ones who work nights and weekends:

Our next hospital donation run- nights and weekends

And with that, my next appointment is here, so I’ll chat with you more tomorrow. Believe me.

Your Busy, Frantic Receptionist who loves you just the same,


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