Sit. Stay.

Good day, Feastlings.
It occurs to us that even with the pandemic simmering more than raging just now, many of you are still fans of not getting in the car and driving over from the various outskirts of Tucson where you live. It occurs to us as well that we haven’t been outward bound since July, so many of you have yet to sample our wares from the August menu. With that in mind, this weekend we’ll host the Feast Delivery-a-thon Extravaganza, heading to each and every one of of our delivery hubs over a three-day span. So why not sit at home and stay there (apart from the fact that you’re probably jumping out of your skin from sitting at home and staying there?) Friday, the 21st, you’ll find us on the east side, the northeast, and our lone west side hub:

East meets west

Then Saturday, it’ll be parts north and northwest that we visit:

Northward bound

And Sunday, we’ll head to the south and southeast:

Southern hospitality

The links above will have the information you need about cutoff days and times for ordering, and by tomorrow, I’ll have added a list of what specials will be available for all three delivery runs, so there’s a reason to get up in the morning, if not for you then for me. I also wanted to throw in a link to this Saturday’s wine tasting, themed “the cradle of civilization”

The cradle of civilization

and wanted to mention that we’re still keeping ourselves and our hospital worker friends afloat by donating and accepting your donations of meals. Next week we’ll be back at the VA Hospital, this time with an emphasis on feeding people with whom I feel a special kinship: those who work nights and weekends.

Our next hospital donation run- nights and weekends

There’ll be more stuff to write about soon- we’re still monkeying with the new (used) steam oven, now situated next to the new (used) refrigerator, and we’ll soon be placing orders on a new (used) point-of-sale system, as we continue to replace all the stuff that keeps breaking around here. So far it feels like nearly everything but our spirit’s been broken in the past six months, and our spirit has its moments. But today’s a good day, and we’re baking off a few loaves of levain, with sourdough starter that began in this kitchen over five years ago now, so if you’re in the mood for fresh-baked bread, we should have a couple of loaves, some with oil-cured olives in them and some without, by this evening, and if we’ve hit on the right combination of steam, dry oven and fan, time and temperature, we’ll do it more often. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of other food to be had here as well.


See you soon.


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