Dear Feastlings,
It’s a tightrope for me. I’m personally a lightweight for someone who tastes, in normal times, anyhow, upwards of fifty or more wines a week. My friends mock me for keeping a cocktail shaker at the dinner table so I can taste and spit my wine while everyone else drinks (I know, it’s not pretty, but it would be less pretty if my head were lolling halfway through the salad course.) But since the pandemic struck, I’ve found myself seeking solace in a glass a little bit more each week, and if this wasn’t a week that calls for a drink at the end of it, I don’t know what week would qualify. Hell in a handbasket is easier to tolerate if the handbasket has a little Syrah tucked in for the trip. And so we prepare for a weekend with a little beverage to soften the repeated blows of the week, or, more accurately, the relentlessly repeated blows of the past five months, almost to the day here in Tucson. So we’ll begin with a link to today’s wine tasting, where you’ll find a description, the tasting order and a price sheet:

Old places, new faces

The zoom meeting number is 851 2965 2935, and the passcode is 559607. If that weren’t enough to wet your whistle, Aly’s been busy reinventing classic cocktails to put that special Feast quirkiness into them. And we’re doubling down- yes, you can buy one if you’d like, but if you buy them by the pint, we knock off a couple of bucks for you. Perfect for sharing with a friend who’s in your quarantine bubble, or just for making doubly certain you’ve deadened the pain and fear and ennui. No ennui with these cocktails, though- I’m having trouble picking my favorite, between the Agricole Daquiri and the Manhattan with Brovo Amaro #14 in it (the Brovo has chocolate in it. Chocolate! I was so smitten we brought in some 200 ml flasks of it, in hopes that they wouldn’t all sell and I could keep one for myself.) Here’s the list– call and give Aly something to do.

And as if that weren’t enough encouragement to have a little sip of something, today being Ferragosto, every Italian bottle in the place is available for 10% off today! And who doesn’t need a deal on their Pugnitello?

Whatever you choose, we encourage you to drink responsibly, which covers much broader ground now that there’s nothing open to drive to anyhow. But just to be safe, we also encourage you to have a little bit to eat, to soak some of that alcohol up. Here’s the menu.

See you soon, and thanks.

Con molto affetto,

Doug and all the other denizens of Feast

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