Quick, put those training wheels back on.

Dear Feastlings,
Remember how the other day I came off like I was an old hand at the zoom meeting thing? Well, it turns out that as well as I’m able to handle attending a meeting, scheduling one is brand new to me. So if you’re the sort that plans ahead and you’ve already jotted down tomorrow’s meeting number? Scratch that. Evidently I’d scheduled it for the day I was adding the meeting to my roster; I’d never changed the date. So new date, new meeting number. We’ll do the same thing we’re doing today- posting the meeting number on our site and emailing it and the passcode the morning of the tasting.
To wit, here’s the meeting number and the passcode for today’s tasting, which happens at 2:00 pm, so there’s still time for you to grab some samples, head home, kick your shoes off and taste along with us. The meeting number is 714 0068 8481, the passcode is 648683, and the wines are Italian and delicious. Here are the details:

Italian assumptions

Hot on its heels will be the Avignonesi tasting, hearkening back to our Last Sunday tastings, in that there’ll be food served alongside the wines with minimal heating instructions. Did you already sign up? Great, because the cutoff date for that was Thursday. Are you disappointed that you didn’t sign up? Not to worry- we’re going back to our Last Sunday schedule, which means there’ll be another tasting, with food pairings, on the 30th, so you don’t have too long to wait. Meanwhile, the Avignonesi tasting details, updated as they are, can be found here:

Your new Not Last Sunday wine tasting

Why all this Italian wine? It’s preparatory to next Saturday’s Ferragosto menu, a collection of traditional and less traditional Italian (and Italian-influenced) specialties. You’ll want to order that one ahead of time as well, so we get in enough fish and veal and squash blossoms for you:

Ferragosto specials

And in between all this stuff comes something decidedly closer to home than all this Italian food and wine: we’re making another donation run, this time to four different locations of the Diamond Children’s Medical Center and its clinics. That happens on Tuesday, the 11th, and we’re hoping to garner 257 meal donations, at which point we’ll throw in another 50 ourselves, which brings Feast’s meal donations during this pesky pandemic to just over 3000 meals. And for that, we thank you. We quite literally couldn’t do it without you, and we thank you for letting us be an intermediary that gets to keep its staff employed while feeding frontline workers in a decidedly stressful time. Here are the details about Tuesday’s donation run:

Here and there. And way over there.

As well, you’re always welcome to give us a buzz and order a little something, be it food, or drink, or a donation to some very stressed people. the menu is here,¬†and the number to call is 326-9363. We’re glad to be here in Tucson among remarkable people- that would be you- and still swinging for the fences.


Doug, and everyone here at Feast

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