Dear Feastlings,
As of Thursday night, we’d sold out of today’s 3:30 wine tasting, but as of Saturday night, we’ve had a couple of cancellations. Since we prepared the food for the tasting based on the number of reservations we had, it now turns out there are six more wine tastings to be had, and you can either call and come pick them up or have them delivered to your door if you’re interested. It’s a first come, first served proposition, so if you were down in the dumps at calling and being told we were sold out, or if you had some other plan that fell through and you’re itching for something to do, the first six of you who call can still join us at this tasting on zoom at 3:30:

Your new Not Last Sunday wine tasting

The passcode, for those of you already signed up and simply awaiting that code, is 374005, and it’s posted, along with the meeting number, heating instructions and tasting order and pricing, at the link above. Other than that, there’s the usual smattering of items: the hospital donation run on Tuesday

Here and there. And way over there.

the menu of Italian special for Saturday’s celebration of Ferragosto

Ferragosto specials

next Saturday’s wine tasting

Old places, new faces

and the regular menu.

Give us a jingle- but do hurry if you want to participate in today’s tasting. And thank you.

Your pal,

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