Ferragosto specials

Hello, Feastlings.

Each August, Italy’s middle empties to its beaches.  The only ones in Florence, they say, are dogs and German tourists. The first half of August is the holiday season of the Italian people.  It’s Ferragosto, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, but really initially the Feriae Augusti, the Festival of Augustus.  Catholicism has always been good at incorporating pagan holidays into its own ethos.

Three months ago, none of us wanted to set foot in Italy, and now, they don’t want us setting foot, so we’re doing the next best thing: we’re celebrating Ferragosto here with a menu of Italian and Italian-influenced treats, and ten percent off any and every Italian bottle on the wine list.  Ferragosto lands on a Saturday this year, so in order to get ready for the 15th, we’re asking you to place your Ferragosto order by the end of the day on Thursday the 13th (we take orders until 7:30 pm.)

Here’s what we’ll be offering on the 15th, and we encourage you to at least taste a little figurative slice of Italy since you likely won’t be strolling over the Pontevecchio any time in the immediate future.  You can place your order at 326-9363.


Ferragosto menu


Squash blossoms ~ three squash blossoms stuffed with house-made ricotta cheese, battered, fried and served with garlic honey and basil oil. Garnished with toasted hazelnuts.

Tortellini in brodo~  house-made tortellini stuffed with wild mushrooms and Taleggio cheese, served in mushroom broth with truffle oil and lemon.
appetizer   12
entrée    21

Branzino ripieno~ Mediterreanean seabass, served whole, stuffed with spinach, grilled lemon, rosemary and summer squashes.  Served with herb-and-garlic roasted potatoes.◊

Osso Buco alla Milanese~ braised veal shank, served over saffron risotto with gremolata and sautéed green beans. ◊

Torta Gianduja~ Piedmontese chocolate-hazelnut cake.

10% off any Italian wine on the list.

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