If only to say hello.

Dear Feastlings,
This late in the day, i’m not sure that it’s worth the bother- you’ve all likely made your dinner plans by now- but I thought i’d say hello and thanks. Thanks for your contributions to today’s donation run to the Diamond Children’s Medical Center and its outlying clinics. You few 307 hungry frontline workers today, at four different locations, and they were charming and grateful, and, incidentally, so are we. We’re acutely aware that your donations could go anywhere, and we really appreciate that in addition to feeding a very hardworking, stressed out frontline worker, you’re also keeping us all employed.
Thanks also for attending last weekend’s wine tastings. We had the maiden voyage of our remote Sunday tastings, and it went well enough that we plan on getting ourselves back on track and doing them on the last Sunday of each month. This weekend was fun- some great Italian wines both on Saturday- two whites and two reds- and some more Tuscan treats on Sunday, complete with a couple of guys with accents thicker than a bistecca alla Fiorentina and some snacks besides. Why all the Italian wine over the weekend? If this is the first email you’ve read in a while, you haven’t heard that we’re doing a special Ferragosto menu this Saturday- a bunch of Italian and Italian-influenced specials, alongside a handy 10% discount on every bottle of Italian wine in the place. You have two more days to order- orders need to be in by Thursday at 7:20 pm- and the number to call is 326-9363. The menu is here:

Ferragosto specials

Are you already over the whole Italy thing? If so, there’s a new wine tasting on Saturday as well, composed of wines from long-lived wineries with new winemakers and new directions. Here’s the scoop on that one:

Old places, new faces

And then there’s just the regular, workaday menu, which you’ll find here.


And that, my friends, is that. We can’t thank you enough.


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