Wine drinkers’ beer and cider, and something that’s even more kooky than that.

Dear Feastlings,

A while back, we befriended a guy named Graham Haverfield of B. United, importer of amazing beers and ciders, and even some spirits.  Apart from having an EXCELLENT name, Graham has a passion for fermentation, and beer and cider in particular.  Yes, we know that those of you who join us week after week are wine lovers, and we know that wine drinkers and beer drinkers usually fall into two disparate camps.  But doggone it if these aren’t the beers and ciders that would give a wine drinker pause: Vintage cider from Normandy?  Ale made by a multigenerational family of sake brewers, with sake yeast?  Cider blended with the brandy of its own apples?  Graham will join us for a singularly fascinating and unmissable event loaded with fun and frolic.  There’s a catch, though: beer doesn’t travel in little vials as well as wine does, so rather than picking up small samples, you’ll be picking up whole bottles, so the price of this event is a bit steeper than usual, but you can share these with whomever you’re sheltered in with, or sit outdoors in the heat and use the beer and cider for cooling purposes.  It’s $25 for the array, but if two of you do it, that’s the same as one of the wine tastings, at $12.50 apiece, plus tax and tip (though you may want an extra sample of the Pommeau, the only one that’s a mini-sample as opposed to a whole bottle.  But we can do that if you want.  It’s another five bucks, and worth it.)

the zoom meeting number for the tasting is 914 5779 3788.  The tasting begins at 2:00 pm Arizona time, and the password is 296586.


A quick note: all of these beverages are best tasted in a wine glass/tulip, and between 48-52 degrees, so basically out the fridge for about 5 minutes.  Also, do be aware that the cider has a cork closure and it’s under pressure.  Open with care. Info for pricing and tasting order can be found here. See you at the tasting!


Beer, cider and the like, for wine drinkers

2018 Domaine Familial Etienne Dupont Cidre Bouché Brut de Normandie unfiltered, unpasteurized cider (375 ml)

NV Kiuchi Brewery Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale, Japan

NV Birrificio del Ducato “Torrente” Italian Pale Ale, Parma

NV Domaine Familial Etienne Dupont Pommeau de Normandie AOC

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